An ancient game that has been reinvented for the live-streaming era

About the game

Backgammon — is an ancient game, played around the clock in live mode between two conventional players represented by white and black checkers. The dealer makes moves for the players with white and black. Each player takes turns by rolling the dice and moving the checkers according to the general rules. White checkers start first. The game is played until the black, or white checkers (players) win: this signifies the game’s end.

The players’ goal is to move checkers into their home board and then bear them off. The first player to bear off their checkers wins the game.

TVBET’s Hypergammon allows watching the game uninterrupted and placing bets on the game’s overall outcome, resulting from a move by the black or white checkers, different result options (totals, handicap, even or odd), and how the checkers will be moved on each turn. The dice odds values are fixed, while the game and checkers’ odds are dynamic and change with every game’s move.

Well-know rules

The rules of short backgammon apply to TVBET's Hypergammon

Multiple betting options

Hypergammon offers players a variety of betting options both during the game and on the outcome

Three-level jackpot

In addition to winning, players may get jackpots, which there can be several in the game

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