A unique game where players are offered the chance to predict the next card to be drawn from the deck

About the game

JokerBet is a unique card game that is very easy to play and is available in live mode 24 hours a day. The draw takes place at regular intervals, and each time the dealer reveals a single card. In JokerBet, one deck of 54 red or blue-backed cards is used. When a certain color of a deck is used up, it is replaced by a deck of the other color, and the game goes on continuously in such a manner.

In the broadcast, players are shown a digital representation of the deck, reflecting what is happening live as cards are revealed from the real deck. During the draw, the number of unrevealed cards in the deck therefore decreases. As such, players can see which cards have not been revealed while deciding on their bet. All deck substitutions and shuffling are performed live.

The JokerBet supposes a simple set of betting options: exact value of the next card, suit, card color, face card, or non-face card.

Simple game mechanics

There are few betting options in the game, the rules are very simple, and the rounds are fast and have no delays

Unique game features

JokerBet is a unique addicting game that has no analogs

Three-level jackpot

In addition to winning, players may get jackpots, which there can be several in the game

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