Interview for SBC with Peter Korpusenko

The first three months of 2023 have been jam-packed with new developments for TVBET, and the remainder of the year looks to be incredibly promising as CEO Peter Korpusenko plans to take the company in a new direction.

In a catch-up with SBC News, Korpusenko discussed some of the player-favourite titles that will be revamped for players before touching upon plans for new markets.

SBC: Hello Peter! We are glad to talk with you again. The last time we saw you at ICE, where you talked about a new direction for TVBET. Tell our audience about these directions and what to expect from TVBET soon?

PK: Hello! Glad to get in touch with SBC News again as well. Yes, ICE was a great start to the new working year for us, where we had the opportunity to present our latest ideas and plans for 2023.

So, speaking of new directions, we are expanding from one of our directions, namely live games, to 4 iGaming directions! So, in addition to TVBET live games already established in the market, our existing and potential partners will also have access to virtual games, live casino games and a completely new sports direction Fast Sport.

If you dig deeper, the direction of Virtual Games is the same as TVBET games, but only in a recorded format, that is, videos from hundreds of thousands of pre-recorded live TVBET games we have been running since 2017 24/7!

The mechanics of the process are straightforward and effective – the game will randomly select a random video for the player every three minutes during the game.

If, for some reason, partners cannot connect or integrate our live games, we allow them to provide their players with a pre-recorded format. Moreover, all the advantages, namely random outcomes, an exciting interface, and wide betting lines, all this is preserved!

Our Virtual Games library contains hundreds of thousands of pre-recorded TVBET games, which allows for keeping the results of the games random, thereby captivating the player.

Also, very soon, we are launching the Live Casino direction. We have been working on it for a whole year and will soon be ready to present it to you proudly!

And after that, we will actively develop another direction of Fast Sport. These will be live sports events. But more information we will share a little bit later😊

SBC: You also mentioned the launch of a new KENO. Tell us more about the game? How soon will the world see a new game from TVBET?

PK: Yes, our second KENO game is in the final stage of development. Very soon, we will launch it with all our partners, and it will be available for integration for new partners!

The new KENO will differ from the old game only in the interface. The essence of the game is preserved: 80 balls are thrown into the lotto machine, of which 20 are randomly selected, creating various combinations for bets.

This KENO will be themed, and we hope it will be especially interesting to players from Latin America. At the same time, we will not disable the old version of KENO. Thus, players will be able to choose what they like best and get twice the fun from their favourite game. Stay tuned! We’ll tell you everything soon.

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