A fast and simple live game that combines the principles of a simple wheel of fortune and American roulette

About the game

Wheelbet is a simple and fun live game that combines the principles of both the wheel of fortune and American roulette. The dealer begins the game with a greeting and starts by slightly spinning the wheel counter-clockwise and then launches it clockwise into a free rotation to determine the result. Afterward, the wheel stops, and one sector with a certain number and color, wins, which is indicated by the pointer and additionally highlighted.

Before each draw, one may place bets both on the first forthcoming result of the game and future events. A round of bets on the current and future games occurs between the first and the next game and lasts 75 seconds. Games are held every 2 minutes daily.

Attractive interface

The game has a fascinating look and simple rules that compel the attention of players

Fast draws

Games take no longer than two minutes, and there are no breaks between them, which allows players to place bets almost continuously

Certified game equipment

A certified wheel of fortune ensures the results of the game are 100% fair and completelly random

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