The concept of ultra-popular Blackjack that we brought into the world of streaming

About the game


Blackjack is one of the most famous and popular card games in the world. The game uses one standard 52-card deck. The presenter deals cards, two for the player’s position and one for the dealer’s position. If the player after the first distribution doesn’t collect the “Blackjack”, the second round begins where the player is dealt the cards until he collects from 17 to 21 points, or takes over. If the player has collected 17-21 points, then the presenter deals cards to the dealer’s position according to the same algorithm. When busting, the opposite side wins.

The goal of the players is to predict which side will score 21 points or the closest number of points to 21. There can be a draw in the game if both opponents collect the same number of points. There are options for betting on the winner of the game, a draw, a win with Blackjack, a win by the number of cards, a win by the number of points, or bust.

Thematic interface

The game itself has got original 20’s mafia design

Multiple betting options

Blackjack offers players a variety of betting options both during the game and on the outcome

Three-level jackpot

In addition to winning, players may get jackpots, which there can be several in the game

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