Keno is a world-famous game, the rules of which are familiar to everyone

About the game

Keno is a simple and fast live-game where 20 out of 80 lottery balls are chosen. The dealer greets the participants, 80 numbered balls are dropped into the lottery drum and mixed. Then twenty numbers are randomly selected from the mixed lottery balls one by one and placed in the tubes of the game result. If more than twenty lottery balls are drawn, only the first 20 dropped out are taken into account, and the rest are ignored. If fewer numbered balls are drawn then the game is canceled, and the bets are returned to the players.

Various betting options are available: players can guess a certain quantity of numbers, the exact list of numbers, certain numbers not to be drawn, whether the total will be over/under a certain amount, and whether the numbers will be even or odd.

The round of accepting bets on current and future games occurs between live-broadcasts of games and lasts about 3 minutes. Games are held every 6 minutes daily.

Popular game

Keno is a world-famous game, the rules of which are familiar to everyone

Three-level jackpot

In addition to winning, players can get a nice bonus in the form of a three-level jackpot

Convenient format

Players have enough time to decide and place bets

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