A very simple and fast-paced live-game where 1 out of 37 numbered balls is drawn

About the game

1Bet (or Bingo37) is a very simple and fast live-game where 1 out of 37 numbered balls is drawn. The game runs every minute in continuous live-video mode. Approximately 45 seconds are allocated for accepting bets. A countdown is displayed on the stream until the lottery balls’ rotation and selection begin. After it’s completed, the numbered balls are mixed and one is selected at random. After presenting the game result, the lottery number falls back into the lottery drum for a new game.

The game accepts bets on the exact number, color, and parity (even or odd number) of the lottery ball, a selection of 3, 6, 12, or 18 sequential lottery balls within an interval, or on a numbered ball in a group of 12, but not in sequential order.

Fast and easy game

The game doesn't take much time, while the rules are very easy to understand

Certified game equipment

A certified lottery machine ensures the results of the game are 100% fair and completelly random

Several betting options

There are several betting options in 1Bet, making the game more appealing and lucrative for the players.

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