Lucky 6

A popular lottery game with 48 numbers, 35 of which are being randomly drawn

About the game

lucky 6

Lucky 6 is a popular dynamic and exciting live-game where 35 numbers are drawn at random from the 48 lottery balls in the lottery machine. A player has to predict six numbers that will be drawn as early as possible in the process. The main betting option in the game is a bet on six numbers (Lucky6). Besides, players can bet on a lottery ball’s color, whether odd or even, and the totals.

It is also possible to place multiple bets of 6 numbers in the game, making it even easier to guess the winning combination. A player’s winnings will be higher if the six numbered balls chosen earlier in the game are drawn. The game takes place every 5 minutes with breaks for maintenance.

Involving mechanics

The probability that the player correctly guesses 6 of the drawn lottery balls when 35 of 48 are drawn is very high

Multiple betting

In Lucky 6, a player can place multiple bets of 6 numbers, which increases the chances of winning

Certified lottery machine

A certified lottery machine ensures the game's result 100% fair and completely random

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