TVBET collaborates with Fashion TV Gaming Group

Big News! TVBET collaborates with Fashion TV Gaming Group to introduce our latest sensation – a brand-new FashionTV branded KENO, the first in a new luxurious line of FashionTV branded products, set in a luxurious environment with an exquisite atmosphere designed to attract high-value players.

Our team is excited to unite forces with FashionTV brand and Fashion TV Gaming Group to create such an amazing game together,” shared Peter Korpusenko, TVBET’s CEO. “This partnership reflects our commitment to providing unparalleled gaming experiences globally, and we’re sure the new #KENO game will become a new home for VIPs.

Why integrate our new KENO game into your platform? KENO offers an engaging and versatile gaming experience, captivating players with its simple rules yet thrilling gameplay. Its popularity among diverse audiences promises increased player engagement and revenue opportunities for our partners. Get ready to elevate your gaming offerings with this remarkable addition! Stay tuned because soon, this innovative KENO game will be readily available for all our partners.