TVBET redesigned its core game JokerBet

Meet our live TV game JokerBet in the updated format! Changes have affected both interior elements related to the process of the game and graphic elements. The aim of the changes was to improve point nuances and refresh the overall appearance of the studio for the loyal players.

Updates to the design of the Joker game were to better navigate and observe the events in it. Thus, our team added a new interactive table in dark colors, the card shuffler was also installed in its design (on the left side). For proper operation of the latter, card size in the deck was adapted to the standard.

Speaking of the graphics, the updated game now has several animated fragments. Thus, the background is decorated with images of 2 jokers. Another one animated assistant is located in the bottom left, and this joker shows the enlarged image of the last card shown. It should be noted that the placement of elements in the frame was rearranged for better interaction. 

Thus, the game Joker is now presented in a fresh and more convenient design, which will have a positive impact on the volume of bets.

Hurry up to check the result in Demo!