Fast Keno

All beloved game in a new fast format!

About the game

Fast Keno is a faster version of the highly popular and ancient game Keno, which is a hit with players around the world. Downtime between draws is minimal, which means you can spend more time honing your strategy and tactics to send your winnings sky-high.

There are a total of 80 balls, 20 of which are drawn at random by the lottery machine. After the end of the betting round, the lottery machine drops the balls into the mixing chamber where they are all mixed. During the mixing process, the lottery machine randomly selects one ball at a time, which is dropped into the results tube. The selection will continue until a minimum of 20 balls have been chosen.

Betting options include: numbers to be drawn, numbers not to be drawn, first/last drawn ball total over/under, first/last drawn ball even/odd, 1-digit number of the first/last drawn ball, etc.

Popular game

Keno is a world-famous game, the rules of which are familiar to everyone.

Fast version

Downtime between draws is minimal.

Three-level jackpot

In addition to winning, players can get a nice bonus in the form of a three-level jackpot.

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