The concept of ultra-popular Blackjack that we brought into the world of streaming

About the game


In the game, two conventional players play with each other, and their cards are to the dealer’s right and left. The deck consists of 36 cards of standard suits and values ​​(from six to ace). The presenter first deals two cards each to player 1 and player 2. If no one has collected the “golden point” (two aces) at once, or if any of the players have less than 17 points, then the dealer adds a card to both players one by one in each possible round, until either of them collects the number of points closest to 21 or gets „busted”. The presenter cannot add cards to either of the players if they already have 17 or more points. The maximum game duration is four rounds of card dealing. Additionally, no more than three cards can be dealt to each player to determine the winner.

The goal of the game is to collect more points than the opponent without hitting over 21 points. When one player gets “busted” (gathers over 21 points), the other player wins. However, the game can also end in a draw. There can be a draw in the game. There are options for betting on the game’s main outcome. Bets can be placed on winning with two aces in the first round, winning by the number of cards, winning by points, on the presence or absence of busting in the game.

Thematic interface

The game itself has got original 20’s mafia design

Multiple betting options

21Bet offers players a variety of betting options both during the game and on the outcome

Three-level jackpot

In addition to winning, players may get jackpots, which there can be several in the game

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